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Spider envenomation

Venomous spider bites

The clinical symptoms of a redback spider bite are severe pain, sweating, abdominal pain, and other systemic symptoms.Isbister et al. conducted an RCT using saline as a control drug in patients with redback spider bites whose symptoms did not improve with conventional pain management, and found no significant improvement in pain (23% vs. 34%, P = 0.10) or systemic symptoms (22% vs. 26%, P = 0.79 ).However, Isbister emphasized the need for further measures to relieve pain and systemic symptoms. Narcotics and steroids were administered with no effect. In 2016, a patient in Fukuoka, Japan, was treated with narcotics and steroids, but they were completely ineffective, and the patient was finally treated with the redback spider antitoxin, which was very effective. In addition, the treatment of patients with moss spider bites (jusanboshi moss spider bite, haiilogo moss spider bite, and black moss spider bite) with the red-colored moss spider antitoxin is expected to alleviate pain that cannot be alleviated by other drugs and to improve autonomic nervous system symptoms.